Surveillance Van's

   Inverter/Charger at 2500 watts
   with 3-Stage Charger

Model: KSCH-25
  • 2500-watt continuous/5200-watt surge output
  • 65 amp automatic charger
  • Three stage battery charger recharges batteries quickly and accurately
  • Temperature sensitive charging provides optimal care of all types of deep cycle batteries
  • Built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power
  • Power sharing prevents source AC input circuit breaker from tripping
  • SUL and CUL listed for 120-volt models
  • CE approval for low voltage and EMI in 240-volt models
  • 30 month warranty
Freedom Combi 25 is designed for individuals requiring international models with an output of 240 volts AC or those needing an inverter/charger solution that operates using a 24-volt input. Depending on the model, Freedom Combi 25 provides 120 or 240 volts of silent and clean AC power rated at 2500 continuous watts with a 5200-watt surge capability. It also provides automatic transfer switching between inverter power and incoming AC power. Freedom Combi 25 is used for multi-purpose applications from your boat, RV, truck or work vehicle. Freedom Combi 25 can be used with the optional Freedom Remote Panel for basic system control and monitoring. For sophisticated monitoring, it can be paired with optional Link instrumentation to provide system control and complete battery state-of-charge information.